Romans 14

We’ve all been in the situation where someone is talking in a way where their opinion is shared as if they are the ultimate and final authority on the subject at hand, even if they know little about it or have inaccurate information. Many of us have also been in the position where either we are treated as if we are worthless or our opinion is as it is disregarded by someone else.   Romans 14 addresses how we handle these situations with other believers. What do we do when someone in the church is passionate about an area of freedom…but ill informed? How do we handle a situation where we can verify that what we believe is right but others don’t agree with us? And how do we handle situations that are clear in Scripture that others want to make disputable? And how do we treat each other in the process?   Join us as we take a look at the way we should be interacting with each other when we disagree over a disputable matter.