Through our curriculum, the Gospel Project for Kids, we take children on a Christ-centered, chronological journey through Scripture. Your children will discover how the gospel unfolds from Genesis through Revelation. They engage through story, activities, scripture memorization, and prayer.  Each week, we send families lesson overviews and valuable links so that parents can engage with their children to prepare them for the coming Sunday's lesson. 


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  • BIBLE PASSAGE: Book of Job
  • Kingdom Kidz Junior:
  • Who is in control of everything? God is in control of everything.
  • Senior Kingdom Kidz:
  • Who is in control of everything? God is in control of everything in heaven and on earth. Nothing is outside of God’s good plan.
  • Kingdom Kidz Junior:
  • The LORD does whatever He pleases in heaven and on earth, in the seas and all the depths. Psalm 135:6
  • Senior Kingdom Kidz:
  • I know that the LORD is great; our Lord is greater than all gods. The LORD does whatever He pleases in heaven and on earth, in the seas and all the depths. Psalm 135:5-6
  • CHRIST CONNECTION: Job learned that God is all-powerful, sovereign, and good. When we face suffering, we can hope in God. God sent Jesus, the only truly innocent One, to suffer and die so that everyone who trusts in Him can have forgiveness and eternal life.  

In the life of Job, we find a man who goes through the most traumatic experiences imaginable. Job lost his kids, his wealth, his career, and his friends. His sheep even burned up! (It’s true, read Job 1:16.) Job’s life was turned upside down. His joy was low and his sorrow was high.  

It’s fascinating to look at Job’s life before and after this series of trials. Prior to Job’s losing all he had, Job is described as blameless and upright, fearing God and turning away from evil. He had great spiritual fortitude and great material wealth.   Following his extended trial, Job repented of his wavering trust in God. Job was restored to God, and God restored his wealth to a greater degree than before.  

For all of us trials are inevitable. Trust in God, who controls everything. Anticipate that trials will come, and aim for growth on the other side. 

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